When you are navigating high-stakes decisions or living through change – we are your allies.


Lead with awareness. Leaders need realistic data. We can give you a more clear view of your environment through evaluations, benchmarking and other techniques.  We also believe that leaders who are self-aware are more effective – so we have tools for that too.


Plan your work, work your plan. Plans should do more than sit on a shelf and gather dust – because organizational change is a big deal. Whether  strategy, revenue or staffing, we will help you identify a clear, actionable path forward.


Meeting & Retreat Facilitation

Say goodbye to useless meetings. Get ready to generate new ideas, solve problems and make decisions that stick. Elephants? On the table. Sacred cows? Out to pasture. When Crux is facilitating, we deliver high returns on the time you’ve invested.

Skill Building

Equip your team. Delivering results, navigating change, and scaling up are hard. We help individuals and groups build skills through coaching, training, and workshops on many topics. If in need of inspiration, we can also rock a conference keynote.


Hard Conversations

Disrupt the status quo. Racism, innovation, competition, poverty, collective impact, mergers, conflict, culture change… whatever the conversation, we work with you, your leadership and your organization to put the right topics on the table, productively.



Unleash your power. Leaders can get better at strategically addressing challenges and working across difference when equipped with the right tools. Working from a client centered perspective, we put ourselves in service of your goals, and your learning. If you’re ready to move, we’ll support your breakthrough.  Call us.