Our clients face complex problems and take risks. Large or small, starting out or scaling up, they come from all sectors. From conserving the world’s biodiversity, to ending hunger in Washington state; from ensuring equitable access to excellent education to building the best software solutions on the planet; they are all driving meaningful change. We work strategically with each client from a systems approach, strengthening your own internal communication and always designing our interaction to enhance your ability to work without us.

“The team at Crux has been providing coaching to the Executive Team at Food Lifeline for the past three years. Our team members have had the chance to use our partners at Crux as a sounding board, as learning agents, as catalysts for change, and as problem solvers. They’ve lent their coaching skills, their facilitation expertise, and their strategy development when and where we’ve needed it.

Crux came on board as consulting partners to Feeding the Northwest, an emerging project in which four large hunger relief organizations were coming together to leverage their collective capacity to source fresh produce from the agriculture sector. The team at Crux helped us turn this opportunity into a formal entity with an innovative governance structure, a self-sustaining business model, a strong staffing structure, and an energetic stakeholder working group.”

Linda Nageotte
President & CEO, Food Lifeline

“Barbara is a uniquely gifted advisor, teacher and coach. She has a deep understanding of leadership, people, and organizational systems, and is exceptionally thoughtful and strategic in the advice that she gives. She is one of the most skilled facilitators I have ever worked with, and she has the unique ability to deconstruct what she does in order to share her knowledge and experience with others.

Most of all, Crux cares about building a better, fairer, more inclusive world and is fully committed to working with social purpose organizations and their leaders in service of their mission. I count myself lucky to have had the chance to work in depth with Barbara and the Crux team on the Acumen Fellows program. Their work brought a new clarity to the strategic intent of the program that translated into an upgraded curriculum and more skillful delivery of our program thanks to their coaching of our facilitators.

Sasha Dichter
Chief Innovation Officer, Acumen

“When I was hired to lead PRB, I found that I had inherited a venerable, though somewhat staid institution in need of a new level of vibrancy and a renewed focus on its national and global impact.

I needed a partner who combined expertise in organizational development and strategy with executive coaching skills to help me realize a new vision, mold strategy, and enlist staff, board, donors and stakeholders. 

Barbara Grant had been called in a few months before the end of the search process through which I was hired.  And Barbara had that exact combination of skills I needed.  And further, her clear understanding of the challenges and pitfalls in change management, which is crucial during implementation. Instead she enabled me to lead staff in a deft and inclusive manner.  And as a bonus (as if I needed one at this point) Barbara both challenged me and continues to be an extremely energizing person with whom I engage

Because I had not signed the original contract, I knew of Barbara, but not the name of her firm.  Only later, in signing bills, did I see “Crux“, and realized just how perfectly named her firm is.  There is no other word that would fit better the role played for PRB.”

Jeffrey Jordan
President and CEO – Population Reference Bureau

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