Crux consortium members are experts across sectors with industry-leading accomplishments. Our collective network brings clients the experiences that best fit their needs. We share the goal of being useful, by selecting the best team to bring the most value to each engagement.


Barbara Grant - Crux Leadership Team

Barbara Grant ━ CEO

Barbara Grant is the Founder and CEO of Crux Consulting Consortium. She advises leaders and organizations on their most pressing issues related to mission, strategy, team development, and relationship to equity, inclusion and belonging. Barbara works with…

Tara Smith ━ Managing Partner Crux

Tara Smith ━ Managing Partner

Tara is all about partnership, persistence and grace. Whether it’s encouragement to take on a new challenge, a connection to a new resource, a sympathetic ear, or a needed reality check – Tara thrives on helping clients learn and grow…


Douglas Corpron ━ Operations Manager

Douglas specializes in taking the big ideas and making them reality without losing the spirit of what made the ideas revolutionary in the beginning.  He has a background in politics, people, and systems, and and approaches every issue with…


Na’Quel Walker ━ Project Lead

Na’Quel comes from a career in youth programming, including being a classroom teacher, and most recently was with YDEKC (Youth Development Executives of King County). She is passionate about racial equity, systems change, and building authentic…


Carol Roscoe ━ Project Management

Carol approaches everything with curiosity, initiative, and compassion. The more complex the challenge, the more she enjoys it. With two decades of experience in the performing arts and higher education, Carol brings a unique blend of artistic, communications…


Gina Garcia ━ Operations Project Manager

Gina Garcia, Data specialist, joined the Crux staff in 2022. She brings a background early childhood development and education, communication, visual design, and a data visualization. Gina believes passionately in the importance of service and volunteerism…


Harmony Wright ━ Project Lead

Harmony graduated from Seattle Central with a BAS in Applied Behavioral Health. Since she was a child, she has been involved in community organizing in some way. In college, she co-founded the group Women of Color for Systemic Change, where they advocated for social change…



Anita Garcia Morales – Consultant,
Co-founder, Racing to Equity

Anita is a long-time educator (27 years in the classroom), community activist and has been an instructor in the Seattle Teacher Residency Program, since its inception six years ago, preparing teachers for the classrooms of today…


Bernardo Ruiz– Consultant,
Co-founder, Racing to Equity

Bernardo is the former Director of the School Family Partnerships, Equity & Race Relations and Native American Education Departments for Seattle Public Schools (SPS), providing vision, leadership and hands-on work to systemically advance racial equity.


Florence Ainsworth– Consultant,
Founder, The Flow Effect

Florence Ainsworth is an International executive leadership coach, strategic consultant, speaker and emerging author. Florence is a citizen of the world –a Jamaican family, a British-born citizen for 40 years and long-term resident of the Netherlands on various globally…


Karine J. Williams (KJ)– Consultant,
Founder, RISE with KJ

KJ Williams is Owner and Founder of RISE with KJ, LLC (Radical, Insightful, Solutions to Create Equity). Under this umbrella KJ facilitates the work of diversity, equity and inclusion by working with organizations, groups and individuals across industries. The work of RISE is grounded in…


Antasia Williams (AJ) Leadership and Equity Consultant, RISE with KJ

Antasia works with clients and client systems to facilitate the work of diversity, equity and inclusion by working with organizations, groups, and individuals across sectors.   A graduate of the JustLead Washington program, she is a human being who cares for the heart, mind, well-being…



Catherine Verrenti

Catherine Verrenti, MA, is inspired by the power of the public sector to create a world where the gifts and dignity of every individual is nurtured and celebrated.  Having spent over 20 years in direct service non-profits, she launched Verrenti Consulting was launched in 2016 to support high-impact and equity-focused…


Cynthia Setel, MPA – Consultant

Cynthia’s focus is on effective change agency and management, the application of LEAN management to the public sector and leadership development. Her public sector experience includes the roles of high school history teacher, strategic advisor in Seattle’s Office of Policy and Management, Supervisor…


Holly Morris – Consultant

Holly Morris is a leader and champion of equity-focused education innovation across the spectrum from early learning to higher education. In her work with EDUCAUSE and the Washington State Charter Schools Association, she focused on principles of user-centered design and led education leaders through design…


Hossam Gamea ━ Strategy Consultant and Project Advisor

Hossam Gamea is a Strategy Consultant with over 8 years of experience in the non-profit, public, and social impact sectors. He specializes in identifying and solving underlying business, policy, and organizational barriers…

Ken Gordon B Soc Sc, DBS, PGPP

Ken Gordon B Soc Sc, DBS, PGPP ━ Consultant, Strategy, Financial Modeling

Ken is recognized for his ability to quickly understand issues impacting organizations and communities and businesses. He is skilled and experienced in working across multiple cultures and sectors, having spent over a decade working in significant roles…


Kim Rakow Bernier, MPA – Consultant and Coach

Kim is a social purpose consultant, facilitator and certified coach who partners with leaders and organizations to bolster their capacity to align people, purpose and planning for impact and transformation. She specializes in vision and strategyleadership and team development…

Kristen Spangler

Kristen Spangler – Finance and Operations Consultant

Kristen works with small and medium -sized nonprofits and foundations in transition; helping them identify the roadblocks that have impeded their progress, build new systems to support their goals, and move beyond…

Laura Crawford JD ━ Crux Consultant ━ Navigating systems impacted by economics and discrimination

Laura Crawford JD ━ Consultant, Navigating systems impacted by economics and discrimination

Laura leads like the point guard on a basketball team: She gets everyone around her in the right position to fully succeed using their own gifts, skills and dreams. A big part of…


Liz Morris, BA, M.A.  Library and Information Services

Liz Morris works at the intersection of information advocacy, community development, and public policy. She brings over ten years of project management, research, and programming expertise to her work with clients. Prior to her career in consulting, she worked as a…


Mark Craemer, M.A.— Consultant and Coach

Mark specializes in workplace communication, organization development and leadership coaching. Whether it’s coaching a manager or director on leadership skills, working with a group to enhance teamwork and improve their communication, or helping…


Simmy Kumar ━ Project Lead

Simmy brings a decade of experience in the nonprofit industry. Having spent her career in fundraising and program management, Simmy is most passionate about cultivating relationships and developing systems and processes. These two skills recognize how a small part contributes to a whole- how our work is interconnected…

Tricia Bolender MBA MA ━ Consultant Crux

Tricia Bolender, MBA. MA. ━ Consultant, Strategy, Leadership, Transformation

Tricia is passionate about transformation, authentic leadership, and improving systems. She is a strategy consulting and leadership coach, partnering with senior leaders in government, nonprofits, and foundations to accelerate impact.

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